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What is a metaverse?

Why is everyone talking about it?

上週,數百萬阿麗亞娜·格蘭德(Ariana Grande)的粉絲參加了她的音樂會,這些音樂會不是在傳統場地舉行,而是在遊戲《堡壘之夜》(Fortnite)中舉行。這些活動配有音樂和3D畫面,是硅谷最受歡迎的新流行語的一個例子:元宇宙。

How to compute \(R^2\mod N\)?

Using Montgomery modular multiplication

In order to use Montgomery modular multiplication, we need to know (R^2\mod N). If we already have Montgomery multiplication in hand, can we avoid brute-force calculation?

Ed25519 & X25519

Algorithms with 25519

Ed25519 is often used in SSH, then what does this number mean? Is there any other algorithms related to 25519?

Debug MIPI DSI of RK3399

RK3399 is the most recent hign-end SoC of Rockchip. Its previous generation RK3288 is widely used in various places. For example, ASUS C100PA Chromebook Flip uses the RK3288. As an upgraded model, RK3399 has a six-core CPU consisting of two A72 cores and four A53 cores, and the GPU has been upgraded to the Mali-T860.

The New Domain is Online

The new .fan TLD is launched on December 12, 2018. Then I got this domain: dang.fan.