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FastMail & LastPass

Posted on June 3, 2016 -

The mailbox I am currently using includes:

  • A personal domain name email held in Outlook
  • Gmail
  • NetEase
  • iCloud
  • Tencent
  • Outlook
  • Tsinghua

Using so many mailboxes at the same time is a historical problem. The key problem is that once the mailbox is used, it has to be used forever. Forwarding can partially solve this trouble but not enough.

Before migrating to FastMail, I used Apple Mail and IMAP for each email. Although it works, I have encountered some problems, including:

  • Gmail is blocked in China
  • Gmail's IMAP has a bug
  • When you use different devices, you need to configure them one by one, which is very troublesome.

Later, I read FastMail is Good, then I tried it and found that it was really easy to use, and then moved all the mailboxes to FastMail. As a professional email service, FastMail provides all the features I need, such as IMAP Push/Alias. In addition, it also provides CalDAV, CardDAV, and WebDAV services, so I can easily synchronize my data on different platforms, and no longer need to use the app SmoothSync (Although I bought it, not every Android phone has Google Play, which is sometimes inconvenient).

During the migration process, I found that the IMAP services of Gmail, Outlook, and Tencent were relatively good. Unfortunately, NetEase is awful to use. I tried it many times before I migrated most of the mail. Here, I sincerely recommend that if you want to use IMAP to migrate mail, you must first migrate Netease, so you can reset your mailbox when there is any error.

Another service that was recently migrated is LastPass. I have been using 1Password before, I have to say that 1Password is very easy to use on the Mac. In contrast, LastPass is a lot worse. For example, I have encountered a situation where LastPass cannot be popped up on some web pages. Still, I moved my password management to LastPass. The most important reason is that the function of the 1Password enterprise version is not perfect, and it is really expensive.

Per user price:

1Password's early deal is $4.99/month, while the normal price of LassPass is $3.99/month.

On the other hand, LastPass is much better than 1Password in terms of permission management. Administrators can easily specify the permissions of each user by folder. However, 1Password can only create permissions according to the user and password library. In addition, as an administrator, LastPass can also see the password security of all members, which makes it easy to remind members to change their passwords. While 1Password is still in the early days of service, these features are still not perfect.

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Author: Danil Roudenko